A BriteWhite smile can take years off and truly boost your self-confidence! 






 BriteWhite - Advanced Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

PREMIUM Machines!    PREMIUM Products!    PREMIUM Service! 



The next generation for teeth whitening - Safe!  Effective!  Affordable!





BriteWhite is the newest technology globally for whitening teeth safely. A cool ray of Blue LED lights, with 

selected wavelengths using a special custom blend of gel to prevent heat, whiten teeth safely.  Eleven shades in 

less than sixty minutes have been achieved on aged teeth.


BriteWhite offers the first LED (Light Emitting Diode) system that is inserted inside of the mouth for

ultimate, cosmetic teeth whitening. With BriteWhite there is no heat, no sensitivity, no cheek retractors, no

rubber dams, no saliva drip, no gagging, no long waiting, and no pain. The Blue LED light has been proven to

be safe, and using less time promotes whitening without softening enamel, which causes corrosive problems

and the disruption of soft and hard tissues.


BriteWhite treats all teeth at once. Results for whitening teeth are obtained by attacking the discolorations of 

the teeth. A specifically tailored gel, a specific wavelength, and power are combined to boost the delivery of

the whiten all teeth. The upper and lower inside and outside covers all areas to whiten teeth simultaneously.

BriteWhite teeth whitening application and follows the Council for Cosmetic Teeth Whitening, Best Practice

and Code of Ethic. 

BriteWhite is FDA Cleared, US made, and has Global Patent Pending. The Blue LED has been proven to kill 

the black bacterium that causes periodontal disease, plus whitens teeth safely. At Glamour Spa Boutique we 

have the superior teeth whitening device for safe, affordable and effective teeth whitening. BriteWhite 

is definitely the cutting edge for teeth whitening.


We use a premium LED teeth whitening headset for your comfort or an LED machine...it only takes about

25 - 60 minutes.


BriteWhite brings your teeth back to their gleaming original white.


Both upper and lower teeth are whitened at the same time – for a brighter smile 2- 8 shades lighter in about

25 - 60 minutes.


Stop by take a short break out of your day, sit back, relax and walk out with brighter, whiter teeth.


  • No Dehydration to the gums


  • Whitens Upper and Lower teeth at the same time


  • Non-invasive


  • Kill the black bacterium that causes periodontal disease, plus whitens teeth safely.


  • Very little to NO pain & quick process (20 - 60 minutes)


  • Inexpensive and effective (2-8 shades whiter)


Tetracycline teeth are hard to whiten...Improvement can be expected with BriteWhite!



 BriteWhite Professional Teeth Whitening





In the competitive world of business great skills, a positive attitude and willingness to step up and do the job

are all important. Whether we want to admit it or not, physical appearance is important too. A reasonable,

smile can be incredibly valuable in the business world, and that is why BriteWhite is the best choice.


Certain foods, such as coffee, tea, berries, red wine, chocolate, and dark sauces, are particularly known for

staining attributes. In addition, caffeine and tobacco can wear away the outer layer of your enamel, which will

expose the darker tissue of your teeth.


As we age, our enamel wears off naturally and our teeth become more absorbent and more susceptible to

staining. However, you should not let any of these factors detain you from having a beautiful BriteWhite smile.

We offer custom teeth whitening treatments tailored to our patients’ individual needs. They are safe, effective,

thorough, and can last up to five years. While some whitening toothpastes and home teeth whitening

treatments can help brighten your smile, they aren’t as complete as our office whitening treatments and they

don’t last nearly as long.


Most home teeth whitening products only last a few weeks, but with our bleaching systems your teeth

whitening can last up to three years. Also, home whitening products are only effective against certain types of

staining. If you have any intrinsic staining –staining from the inside of your teeth –caused by any trauma,

medications, or fluorosis, over-the-counter teeth whitening will not be able to help. Depending on the extent 

of the intrinsic discoloration, teeth whitening can greatly help, although veneers or lumineers may be better

suited for your situation. 



 Getting married soon?


Have a job interview?


 Important date coming up?


A big event?


 Want to look and feel your best?


 Want to take years off your face and smile?





Professional In-Office Teeth Whitening 





20 min. session - $125

This treatment will whiten your teeth approximately 2 to 3 shades.



40 min. session - $175

This treatment will whiten your teeth approximately  4 to 6 shades.



60 min. session - $245

This treatment will whiten your teeth approximately 6 to 10 shades.

This is our RECOMMENDED Treatment for most guests! 



 (Most dentist charge $400-$650 for a 1 hour treatment)



BriteWhite Enamel Mineral treatment 



Be sure to try our BriteWhite Mineral treatment. It protects the enamel by replenishing key minerals that our

teeth lose over time, especially during teeth whitening treatments. This Mineral treatment hardens tooth

enamel, reduces staining, reduces sensitivity, protects against plaque and cavities. It is highly recommended

that people remineralize their teeth a few times a year, especially after a teeth whitening treatment.



BriteWhite Mineral treatment - $95  



 BriteWhite  EXTREME




 “BriteWhite Mineral Treatment”



Our BriteWhite Extreme treatment starts with our 60 minute whitening treatment and then adding our 10

minute Mineral Treatment.  





 BriteWhite  MAXIMUM




“BriteWhite Mineral Treatment”



 Our BriteWhite Maximum treatment begins with a special “Whitening Caviar” followed with 60

min. whitening treatment and finishes with our 10 minute BriteWhite Mineral Treatment.











 After-care Instructions




Dietary Suggestions!  



Teeth Sensitivity, although uncommon, you may experience some teeth sensitivity during the first 24 to 48

hours following your whitening treatments. If you have pre-existing sensitivity, recently cracked teeth, micro-

cracks, open cavities, leaking fillings, crowns, veneers, etc., and/or other dental conditions that cause

sensitivity, you may find that these conditions increase or prolong sensitivity after whitening treatments. If you

experience sensitivity, you can purchase our Minerals treatment pen, or you can use Sensodyne toothpaste to

ease the discomfort. Use either of these products until your sensitivity subsides.



If you do experience increased tooth sensitivity, DO NOT begin using your take-home whitening products,

until the sensitivity has subsided to normal. Relapse. After whitening treatments, it is natural for your teeth to

regress in color somewhat over time. This normal and should be very gradual. But, this process is accelerated

by exposing your teeth to various staining agents in your diet, such as coffee, tea, tobacco, red wine, colas,

citrus drinks, dark juices and berries, etc.


For the first 1-2 hours following treatment, do NOT eat or drink anything but WATER. The peroxide

whitening gel opens the pores in your tooth enamel, so immediately following your whitening treatments, your

teeth are especially porous and vulnerable to staining agents. If you purchased the take-home care system and

are using the Whitening Pen, the pores in your tooth enamel will remain open and more prone to staining. Stay

on our recommended “White Diet” for as long as you are using the Whiting Pen on a regular basis. Once you

stop using the Whitening Pen, you can resume your normal diet in 24 hours. Foods are not the only things that

can stain your teeth. Lipstick can also stain your teeth if applied immediately following your treatments. Do

not use lipstick for at least 2 hours following your whitening treatments.


Allergy to Peroxide or Aloe. Although it is uncommon, if you are allergic or sensitive to Aloe or Peroxide Gel,

you may experience a blister or sore on your lip following treatments. You can obtain Vitamin E oil from a

drug store and apply it to the sores to sooth them until they go away. Generally they disappear within a day or

two, without any treatment.



Results of Whitening Treatments. How long your whitening treatments last depends on 2 factors:


1. Your daily habits regarding after-care vs. diet


2. The porosity of the enamel of your teeth



If you expose your teeth to staining agents, such as tobacco, coffee, red wine, tea, colas, etc. on a regular basis,

and do nothing to removes those staining agents, your teeth will darken over time, and the results will not last

as long. If you have naturally porous enamel, your teeth are more vulnerable to staining and your teeth will get

stained again sooner than the average individual. Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing this about your

teeth until you whiten them. Generally speaking, with no maintenance care and no change in diet, the results

of your whitening treatments will may only last 6 months or less. On the other hand, if your enamel is less

porous, and you care for your teeth, the results can last as long as 2 years.



 “BriteWhite Diet”


(24 to 48 hours after treatment)



Drinks you CAN have:


Water, soda water, tonic water, Lemonade, skim milk



Drinks to AVOID:


Tea, coffee, Coke, Pepsi, Root Beer or any other dark sodas, orange juice, any dark grape or berry juices. 



Alcoholic drinks you CAN have:


Vodka, Gin, Light Rum, White Wine, (anything clear)  



Alcoholic drinks to AVOID:


Red Wine, Guinness, or other dark beers, dark rum, dark mixed drinks, etc. (anything dark) 



Foods you CAN have:


Chicken, Turkey, White Fish (no Salmon), white rice, white pasta, white sauce, cauliflower, cottage cheese

potatoes. Foods that are light in color are generally good. 



Foods to AVOID:

Carrots, beets, peas, sweet corn, broccoli, green beans, mushrooms, tomatoes, red lettuce, butter, dark olive

oil, red sauce, tomato sauce. Try to avoid sweets, candy and sugar as your teeth are more porous and will

absorb sugars for the first 24 to 48 hours. Keep you diet, light and white!


Further Advice:



1. Avoid extremely HOT or COLD liquids.


2. Avoid acidic foods and drinks. Get into the habit of drinking sodas or juices through a straw. This takes the

liquid past your teeth.


3. Cut back on drinking alcohol and tobacco. Tobacco will stain your teeth.


4. Use “smudge-proof” lipstick. Lipstick can stain your teeth, especially after treatments.


5. Purchase our take-home Whitening Kit. Proper care, will make your whitening last.


6. Purchase our “Minerals” treatment pen. Minerals will strengthen and replenish your tooth enamel. It is like


“vitamins” for r tooth enamel. This too, will make your whitening treatments last longer, and reduce future



Just remember, if what ever you are eating or drinking, will stain a white cotton shirt, it will also stain your teeth!






Dee Is Delightful And Very knowledgeable. She Explained Every Step Of The Teeth Whitening Process And 

Made  Sure I Was Comfortable.



 She was so sweet and helpful! I absolutely loved it and plan on going back!



I live an hour away from Glamour Spa but got such great service, I would make the trip even without a 




I had a great experience with Dee and Kim. They were some of the nicest people ever! 



I've always wanted to get my teeth whitened for a very long time but could not really be bothered with the

inconvenience. Dee visits through out your whole session is finished in an hour. Will be returning and

recommending Dee and I couldn't be happier with my new smile! :)  



Very professional. I am very happy with my teeth between 8-10 shades whiter! I would recommend Dee any

day and I love my new smile...I will be telling everyone I know! Thank you Dee 



Nice salon, friendly staff, will definitely recommend to people  



Dee was very professional considering I had not had my teeth whitened before she really explained herself  of

what to expect and also gave great advice for the after-care treatment! Will for sure be recommending Dee to

friends and anyone else to get it done. So pleased with at least 8-9 shades lighter!  



Just had my teeth whitened and the results are amazing! I keep looking in the mirror and smiling.  I can’t wait

to take my wedding pictures. Very professional service! I would recommend them to them to anyone. 



Looking forward to my next session.    



They were wonderful and I will definitely be returning.  



Dee was Very professional and really friendly, Can't stop smiling eight shades lighter. Will be recommending

her to all my friends and family, thank you Dee!



Dee was very professional, explained everything well and made me feel at ease. She was also very easy to talk

to. The results are amazing. I have gained so much confidence back in just an hour. Thank you so much and I

would highly recommend Dee.



Very professional service. Just had my teeth done very pleased with the results even booked my next




Dee is very professional and explains everything. Really pleased with results...Smiling with pride and highly

recommend Dee!  



Highly recommend Dee, such a huge difference on my teeth, and I didn’t even think they were that bad before

getting it done. Had a few fears before my appointment, but Dee was very professional and helpful, she

explained everything. Now my teeth look brand new! Thank you so much 



Love my new look...HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Amazing results in 1 hour! My teeth were pretty white

anyway but now there bright white and completely painless! 



Donna is awesome! Extremely knowledgeable. I will continue to go there.  



Ridiculously cheap and convenient. Over the moon with the results. Literally can’t stop smiling! 



Extremely happy thank you so much! Fantastic result, not painful, very friendly and professional! Was worth

every penny and I will definitely recommend! 










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